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Sponsored review ~ Mart of china leggings: 

Hi cuties, today I have another review for you. :) I’ll be reviewing 3 pairs of leggings  from Martofchina,a reliable online store that offers great deal of dressestopsbottomsand outerwearThey also have a nice choice of men’s clothingbagsjewellery and accessories. They sell a lot of pretty cheap items, some even go down to $6. :3

Note: All my opinions and ratings are completely authentic. Even though this is a sponsored review by Martofchina, what I say about this products is actually my honest, personal opinion.

As I have already mentioned, I’ve chosen 3 pairs of leggings, Galaxy polyester leggingsVan Gogh’s ‘Starry night’ polyester leggings and Fake denim blue leggings.

I placed my order on 4th of March and it was dispatched on 17th of March. I was provided a tracking number and shipping was free. Shipping took only two weeks, but with some problems occurring with customs, I recieved it on 1st of April.

And yes, you are right, this is one pretty late review, but I was really bussy this past weeks around school and had some problems with my camera, but yeah, here we are today.

Here is how the package looked like: 

Leggings were sent in the white postal envelope, and inside of it were 3 separate plastic bags in which were leggings nicely folded.

Here is a picture of how they look like:

First, I’m going to review Galaxy polyester leggings

Here are some of the pictures how they look like while being worn. I took them from different angles so you can see the detail from every side.

I know, I have the cutest socks. c’:

Fit: /5

They were one size only, which I think fits S/M sizes and the length is 90cm. They fit perfectly and I love them because the material is solid and tight, so it makes my butt appear a bit more toned than it is. ;)

Quality: /5

The quality of this leggings is perfect. Material is 88% polyester and 12% spandex, so they are pretty stretchy. They were in perf shape and I didn’t see any loose threads at all.

Second leggings I’m going to review are  Van Gogh’s ‘Starry night’ polyester leggings.

Here are some of the pictures how they look like while being worn.

Fit: /5

They were one size only, which fits size M and the length is 90cm. Honestly, I took this photos while my sister was wearing it so you can’t see it right now, but they are a little tiny bit big for me, nothing too much, but they are a bit loose around my knees. I’m still giving them 5 stars because I adore the print.

Quality: /5

The quality of this leggings is perfect, too. Material is 88% polyester and 12% spandex, as the galaxy ones, so they are pretty stretchy. They were in perf shape and I didn’t see any loose threads at all, either.

And last, but not least, Fake denim blue leggings

Here are some pics of how they look like:

(I’m excusing for some pics being blurry, I actually didn’t notice it. :s )

Fit: /5

They were one size only like the rest, which fits size S/M. The waist size is 58-79cm and hips 90-104cm,the length is 90cm. They fit perfectly and material is amazingly smooth.

Quality: /5

Material of this leggings isn’t specified, but it is extremely smooth at the touch. They are pretty stretchy. They were in perf shape and I didn’t see any loose threads at all. As you can see at the photo taken from behind, they are a bit transparent, so I’ll be wearing them with blue colored thights or white leggings underneath. And also, the material is really dainty, so I managed to make a little rip at the backside, close to the seam, but oh well. But what I really love about them, the print is so awesome that some people asked me if they are real jeans. Fake studs, scratches and pockets are done so good that they look almost real. And my P.E. teacher thought that I was wearing real jeans and almost told me that I wasn’t wearing appropriate equipment for the class, haha. :)


Shipping and handling: /5

The processing time took 13 days, which is a bit long. They gave me tracking number, so I can know where is package at the exact moment, and the shipping was free and pretty fast, it took only 2 weeks. The thing which was a little problem was at our Serbian customs, so I recieved package 2 weeks later, onn 1st of April.

Customer service: /5

I kept in touch with them through emails and they replied at each at less than 24 hours. The representative that I spoke to is Wendy and she was really lovely and understanding. She answered on all my enquires, so there were no missunderstandings.

Overall: /5

The only things why I’m giving 4 stars are the shipping, which took a bit longer than expected, but since it was free, I can’t complain and the little transparacy of denim leggings, but other than that I have no complaints. Package was nice and secure, I was provided a tracking number, the rep that I talked to Wendy was really nice and helped me around everything. Overall, my cooperation with Mart of china was amazing and I would really love to work with them again. :3

One big thanks to Mart of china. ♥

Don’t forget visiting Mart of china. :3

Thanks for reading, guys, there’s more to come. :)

Have a nice day, peeps. (☆^ー^☆) 

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